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Cauvery software implementation issue: High Court directs concerned authority to file appeal.

The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday directed the concerned authority to submit a detailed petition regarding the problems in the implementation of the Kaveri 2.0 software, which aims to provide seamless registration system.

A division bench headed by Chief Justice Prasanna Balachandra Varale and Justice MGS Kamal heard the public interest petition filed by B Ramachar and others regarding the issue arising in the implementation of the software.

Advocate for the petitioner, people are suffering due to the implementation of the software. Allowed to reject or cancel documents submitted for registration. However, according to the rules, there is no possibility to reject the documents submitted for registration in this way. He said that there are many orders of the courts in this regard.

However, after reviewing the documents, the petitioner submitted a petition to the concerned department on May 2 regarding this issue. After that, without waiting for its reply, a Public Interest Litigation was filed in the court on May 5. It is not correct that the application was submitted without giving time to the department to respond to the request.

Also, the petitioner has not given proper information about the problems arising from the implementation of Kaveri 2.0 software. It was suggested to give details about that. Counsel for the petitioner did not give proper reply.

A government advocate then, Kaveri 2.0 is a software transparency system that has already been implemented in 152 sub-registrars’ offices across the state. He said that there has been a good response from the public.

Finally the court directed the petitioner to withdraw the PIL and the counsel for the petitioner agreed to it. The bench then recorded this and directed the concerned authority to submit a detailed plea and disposed of the petition.

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