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When will you vacate occupied Kashmir?: Jaishankar direct question to Pakistan

Shanghai, May 7 :India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar lashed out at Pakistan at the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) meeting today.I have said earlier that Pakistan has nothing to do with G20.

I will also say that they have nothing to do with Srinagar. There is only one thing left to discuss with Pakistan about Kashmir. That is, when will Pakistan vacate its illegal entry into Occupied Kashmir,’ Jaishankar thundered.

S. Jaishankar continued, “As a foreign minister of an SCO member state, we will look after Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari as we look after anyone else.” He is recognized as the promoter, advocate and spokesman of Pakistan’s mainstay terrorist industry. However, he said that he was called to the SCO meeting after seeing the post he was holding.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who was sitting there at this time, was completely silent.Those who themselves are troubled by terrorism do not sit together to discuss terrorism with people who commit terrorism. Victims of terrorism are able to protect themselves. Come here and say that we too are in the same boat as you and should not come here and preach hypocritical words. Let me make one more clear here, Jammu and Kashmir was also a part of India in the past. It will continue to be a part of India. He said there should be no doubts in this.

“They (Pak) are doing acts of terrorism. I don’t want to shoot about what happened today. But we are all equally outraged about this. On terrorism, Pakistan’s credibility is eroding faster than its foreign exchange reserves, Jaishankar quipped.Relations between India and Pakistan have been strained for years due to terrorism. Islamabad is trying to restore Article 370 to the erstwhile Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir for any talks. But, you get up and drink coffee now. Because, it cannot be restored again. Above all, he warned Pakistan not to think that terrorism is a common issue.

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