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Technology that has taken over the world!; Today is National Technology Day

logy, research is going on every day. National Technology Day is celebrated in India every year on May 11 to commemorate the achievements of scientists and researchers.

With this in mind, here’s a look at some of the top technology innovations impacting the world.

Intelligence is a plus!

One of the most popular technological inventions is Chat GPT. The benefits of this artificial intelligence are well known. Its Plus version is now available in India. The main benefit to subscribers from Chat GPT Plus is that even when there is high demand, priority is given and response speed is high. Additionally, new features of ‘Open AI’ will be available to subscribers before others can use them. Chat GPT is a sensational innovation in the field of information and communication. It is everyone’s responsibility to use it properly without misusing it.

Boosted 5G

Once upon a time, 1GB of 2G internet cost hundreds of rupees. should have given Now high speed internet is available at low rates. The world is moving towards 5G. It is designed to bring things, devices, machines and people together. This makes it easy and fast to connect to smart devices. Download speed is higher in 5G compared to 4G. 4K video can be downloaded in seconds. It also enhances the gaming and virtual-reality experience. Internet of Things (IoT) technology that can control smart appliances like smart light, fan etc. in the same place is powered by 5G. Smart agriculture can be started using this in future. Live location of livestock can be known with the help of 5G wireless network and GPS and can be used for agricultural functions like irrigation control. 5G has given a boost to smart cities, industrial IoT, autonomous cars innovation and innovation.

Life saving technology
Materials with completely new features can be made using nanotechnology. Water resistance and self-healing ability can be obtained through it. Genome editing tools such as CRISPR/CS9 and TALEN (KHAOUUGHA) have been around for many years. Jeans can be mended through it. It’s a technology that can change genes just like changing the words in a story. It can be used to treat genetic and blood disorders like sickle cell and save lives. It can also be used in agriculture. It has also been recognized in the Union Budget 2023-24. It is advantageous if this technology is available at an affordable price.

Blockchain that knows emotion
Blockchain technology is on the rise. One can find various ways to secure data from it and use it. For this to be possible, Gagaga’s third generation Web 3 is needed. Web 1 was read only, Web 2 was both read and write. It can also be read, written and implemented in Web 3. This is a unique technology where artificial intelligence can understand human language and do the work. It can also interpret a person’s facial expression. If you see a reel that you don’t like on Instagram and frown, it will automatically start showing a reel of a different topic. Along with this, there is a lot of benefit for crypto currency, IoT, automobile sector as well. This technology is in the development stage and techies are eagerly waiting to use it.

Software Robot Kamal
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technological tool that can reduce the burden of manpower. It is used to easily design, deploy and control software robots. These robots mimic human interaction through digital and software systems. These check the data in a programmed order, doing the required work at the right time. For example, a single human-written e-mail can be sent to 100,000 people at a specific time. This can reduce work pressure and save time and reduce costs. There are many RPA tools like UI Path, Blue Prism Automation Anywhere etc.

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