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Is the owner annoying in the rental house? So know about these 10 rights of yours

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New Delhi, May 11: Most of the people in rural countries come and live in urban areas because of their work. For this reason, staying in rented houses is inevitable. However, house rent in Indian cities is getting expensive day by day.

In addition, tenants are not aware of their rights.

Thus a person looking to rent a house should be aware of the basic rights under the Rent Control Act. These fundamental rights include the right against unjust eviction, the right to be paid a fair rent and the right to receive other essential services.

Without knowing these rights they have under the law, tenants can become victims of exploitation. Below are the various rights that a tenant has under the Rent Control Act.

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1. Tenant’s house must be habitable

2. Be well acquainted with the identity of their house owner

3. Right to live in house without any disturbance

4. Right to see the Energy Performance Certificate of the house they are renting.

5. Right to protest against unjust increase in rent

6. Right to refuse/protest forced eviction from home

7. Right to get back the security deposit at the end of the house rental period

8. Right to ask for notice period if landlord tells tenant to terminate lease

9. The heirs of the tenant are also entitled to all rights under the Rent Control Act.

10. Tenants’ right to take any disputes to the Rent Control Court

Rent control laws protect the rights of tenants and home owners. It restricts the power of landlords to forcibly evict tenants and ensures security of tenure for tenants.

According to this act, a written agreement must be signed between the tenant and the house owner before moving into the rented accommodation. If the tenancy agreement is valid, the rights etc.

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