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if Aadhaar-PAN is not linked by March 31, 2023. will I really have to pay a fine of 10,000?

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People are being created as much confusion as one about the Aadhar-Pan link.
About you people are talking about this in one way about it.

The reality is…

This Aadhar-Pan link circular was issued in 2017! That means 5-6 years old. It was referred to that it was mandatory to link within March 31, 2022, when the Circular issued in 2017. It was later expanded until June 2022. 500 for that. The penalty had to be tied. Although the period had extended again after June 2022, the penalty was doubly reduced. That means 1000 Rs. There is to be an offer.

But, this 10 thousand news is half the truth!

It is pure lie that if 2023 is going to link after March 31, 10 thousand fines will be filled. But, using a void pancard without linking, when you trades offline, he can penalize up to 10 thousand if it gets into the hands of the Income Tax Department’s Assassing Officer. But, it is not a penalty for what is not linked. Remember that the penalty imposed on the basis of the unauthorized financial transaction is instead. Also, that’s the maximum amount. The Ascending Officer 100 Rs. Away can be fined!

However, no one who panned after 2017 had to link the pan-audhar. Because it was imperative to give Adadar right when applying for a pan. As above, 80 years of age do not have to link this. They have immunity.

What happens if not linked?

The pan becomes inactive if you do not link the pan. That is, if you have given this pan to a bank account that is subsidized by the government, that bank account will be KYC non compliant. Then your bank calls you and says. As a different pan card link.
You have to give the bank a new pan card or tie a 20% tax. Similarly, pancard becomes a problem in all transactions given. Never give that pancard a new one. Because, it is void.

But….Either that, in this five year, the multitakers have linked the pancard. Or buy a pancard after 2017 ( so there is no need to make a separate link ).

The process of linking was very simple until March 2022. Go to the Bury In Come Tax website and press the Home button where it is enough to click on ‘Link Aadar. In two column, the Pancard number in one, the other, the Adadar Card number Hockey Validate International, was both linked. Now it’s another addition. Dudder needs to be paid.

How about taking care of?
Go to the Incom Tax website whether or not your panlink is (https://eportal.incometax.gov.in/iec/foservices/#/pre-login/link-aadhaar-status). It shows whether or not the link is linked.

What to do from April 1 with a non-linked pan card?

Very simple. Do not shake too much head if the pancard is not linked. That means it’s inactive. Apply for a new pan using your Aadar card. 100 Rs. The pancard comes in 15-20 days if the fee is full and applied.

Why is this linking system?
Prior to this linking system, a single person paned 2-3, giving one bank account and working to avoid the income tax department’s eyes was an avail. So, this system has been implemented to avoid it. So this is not a foolproof. Adadar Awo is also 2-3. Adahadavans who have infiltrated Bangladesh. But, this is a step towards making the system right.

There is no need to be shocked that the Adadar-Pan link is too head-to-head, and after April 1, all those who do not link will come and tear down a 10 thousand penalty voucher.

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