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Don’t forget to vote tomorrow: the Last opportunity to campaign at home today!

The state election campaign has reached its final stage. High’s very open campaign was officially launched yesterday. Today candidates can campaign door to door.
Bengaluru: The three political parties of the state, BJP, Congress and JDS will conduct a final exercise today to win over the voters.

The open campaign for the May 10 (tomorrow) election campaign ended yesterday (Monday) at 6 pm. With that, 40 days of loud campaign has come to an end. Today candidates are only allowed to campaign at home.

Voting Tomorrow: Voting will be held in 224 constituencies of the state tomorrow from 7 am to 6 pm. After 2 days of voting, the political fate of the candidates will be announced on May 13.

48 Hour Zero Hour: Public meeting, open campaigning for 48 hours ending with the time fixed for polling is strictly prohibited by the Election Commission. Political parties, candidates, media are restricted during this period.

Enforcement of Section 144: In constituencies subject to election, unlawful assembly is prohibited under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) 1973 during the 48-hour period ending with the close of polling. Gathering of more than 5 persons in the restricted area under Prohibitory Order is not allowed to travel together. Visits related to door-to-door promotion are not restricted.

What if null?: In null i.e. within 48 hours after the end of the period of open campaign, outsiders and voters including political persons should not participate in the constituency. Such persons should vacate the constituency immediately after the expiry of their campaign period. This restriction does not apply if the candidate or his election agent is not a voter in the constituency.

Liquor sale ban: Sale of liquor is prohibited in the state from 6 pm on May 8 to May 10. Loudspeakers are not permitted to be used for 48 hours ending with the polling closing time.

Guidelines for Media: Political parties and candidates are pre-certified by the MCMC committee at the state district level, any political party.

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