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Caller ID service coming to WhatsApp, new plan from True Caller to detect international spam calls…!

Spam calls on mobiles, online fraud are increasing day by day. In this context, Truecaller has announced that it will roll out a caller identity feature available for WhatsApp and other messaging apps to check spam calls on the Internet.

If you download the True Caller app on your mobile, you can trace the identity of the incoming calls. WhatsApp users have increased in India. A large number of international calls also come in the form of spam, making it difficult to detect fraudsters. That’s why Truecaller, currently in beta phase, is testing the caller identity feature for WhatsApp and other messaging platforms.

It will be introduced globally later this month, said Alan Mamedi, chief executive officer of Truecaller. From Indonesia (62), Kenya (254), Ethiopia (251), Malaysia (60), Vietnam (84) and other countries, WhatsApp calls to international numbers are a headache for users. YouTube users are also being duped in a similar way. They are losing money by going to like videos.

Scammers are said to be tapping end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms including Telegram and the world’s most popular messaging platform WhatsApp to carry out these scams. According to the country’s telecom regulator (TRAI), network operators such as Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel have been directed to start blocking telemarketing calls using artificial intelligence filters on their networks.

Now, Sweden-based True Caller is in discussions with telecom companies to implement such a service. In April, Truecaller launched a Live Caller ID feature for iPhone users. However iOS users need to use Siri to use this feature. Live Caller ID has been made available as a premium feature in the TrueCaller app for iPhone users.

iPhone users have to pay a premium to avail this feature. True Caller’s premium subscription is available in Premium and Gold Premium. A single premium subscription is Rs 529 per year. 179 rupees for three months. Truecaller Gold subscription is fixed at Rs 5,000 per year.

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