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18 crores Fraud to Banks in the name of Data Science students in Bangalore!

Bengaluru June 1: Data Science Courses in Bengaluru – About 2,500 students took educational loans in the name of Data Science courses and received Rs 18 crore. Police have arrested a man who robbed money. The arrested person, identified as Srinivas, had opened a data science free course center in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. It is alleged that the students enrolled in him were getting educational loans through the documents provided and transferring them to his account.

Srinivas, who hails from Andhra Pradesh, founded a data science learning center in Jayanagar.
Educational loan in the name of about 2,5000 students enrolled in the centre.
Transfer of loan from banks to his central account to his personal account.
18 crore till now. Accused of robbery; Accused arrested on complaint of students.

An Andhra-based man named Srinivasa has been arrested by Bengaluru police for defrauding various banks of around Rs 18 crore by taking educational loans in the name of free education for students. It is said that he opened an on-course center in Jayanagar and cheated in the name of the students enrolled there.

He had started an online course in Jayanagar under the subject of Data Science. On the other hand, he also opened an office in Jayanagar under the name Greek Learning Education Institute. There were 2,500 students in this center. Through this centre, technical education students and their parents were being told about the importance of data science education which is now in high demand in the market.

Better job opportunities, higher salary were lured by getting data science education. Since this was true, many students joined his educational institution. It is said that he got the appropriate documents from about 2,500 students enrolled in him and admitted them to the course.

He was applying for educational loans from various banks using the records of students enrolled for data science courses. He used to get the loan amount sanctioned to him in his office bank account. Later, he was accused of transferring money from his firm’s bank account to his bank account.

Only a few students were aware that he was getting an education loan in their name. However, when he did not pay the loan repayment installments to the banks after he got a loan in his name, the students got into trouble there. More than 40 students who were angry about this had filed a complaint against him in the Jayanagar police station.

On the basis of the student’s complaint, the police investigated his network and rituals and uncovered important issues. According to the police, it has come to light that till now he has embezzled Rs. 18 crores from various banks.

Accused Srinivas has been arrested. Officials said that the investigation is continuing and it will be known later how many more students and how many other places he has committed such acts.

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