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why Iconic Twitter blue bird logo Changed to Face of the Dog?

A day after Elon Musk sought the dismissal of a $258 billion racketeering lawsuit that accused him of intentionally inflating Dogecoin’s value, Twitter’s iconic blue bird on its home button was replaced with a Shiba Inu logo associated with the cryptocurrency. In a nod to the update, Twitter CEO Musk on Tuesday shared a post that showed the face of the Doge meme riding a car while a police officer supposedly checks the driving license which displays the ‘old’ blue bird logo.

Dogecoin soared by nearly 30%, according to Bloomberg, after its picture suddenly appeared in the website interface and ‘Doge’ started trending on Twitter.Musk also shared a screenshot of an old conversation with a user who asked him to ‘buy Twitter and change the bird logo to a doge’ and wrote, ‘as promised’.

The mobile version of Twitter, however, remained unchanged. The official Twitter account of Dogecoin also responded to the change by invoking the style of the famous meme and wrote, “Very currency. Wow. Much Coin. How Money. So Crypto.” In February, Musk had shared a picture of the ‘Doge’ posing as the Twitter boss adding that the ‘new CEO is amazing’. The meme coin was launched as a joke in 2013 to poke fun at other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The update comes days after Musk’s crackdown on ‘legacy’ blue ticks. Twitter started removing the verified check marks of accounts, including of the New York Times, who have refused to pay for the service.

On Friday, Musk’s lawyers termed the lawsuit by Dogecoin investors as a ‘fanciful work of fiction’ over the Tesla CEO’s ‘innocuous and often silly tweets’ about the cryptocurrency.
Musk’s legal team argued that statements like ‘Dogecoin Rulz’ and ‘no highs, no lows, only Doge’ held no ground in backing the claim that he purposely increased the cryptocurrency’s price more than 36,000 per cent over two years and then let it crash, resulting in huge losses for its investors.

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