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What are Tandas?How they are Located?

In Karnataka, the term “Thanda” is commonly used to refer to a small, isolated settlement of people belonging to Scheduled Tribes (STs). These Thandas are usually located in remote forested areas, and their inhabitants primarily rely on agriculture, hunting, and gathering forest products for their livelihood.

Under the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964, Thandas are considered as “unauthorized” or “encroached” settlements on government-owned land. However, due to their historical and social significance, the government has taken steps to regularize their land tenure and provide basic amenities like water supply, sanitation, and healthcare.

The government of Karnataka has introduced various programs and schemes for the welfare of Thandas. The Forest Department has undertaken several measures to provide basic infrastructure like roads, water tanks, and electricity to these settlements. Additionally, the Karnataka Tribal Development Department has initiated programs to provide education, healthcare, and housing facilities to Thanda residents.

The regularization of land tenure for Thandas is a complex issue. While some Thandas have been granted legal recognition and titles for the land they occupy, others continue to face legal challenges. The government has also been criticized for providing limited support and resources to Thandas, which has resulted in their marginalization and exclusion from mainstream society.

The Karnataka government has taken steps to address these issues by implementing policies aimed at empowering Thanda communities. For instance, the government has established the Karnataka State Tribal Development Corporation to promote the economic and social development of STs in the state. The corporation provides financial assistance and support to Thanda residents for activities like agriculture, animal husbandry, and small-scale industries.

Thandas in Karnataka are small, isolated settlements of people belonging to Scheduled Tribes. While they are considered “unauthorized” or “encroached” settlements under the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, the government has taken steps to regularize their land tenure and provide basic amenities to Thanda residents. However, the process of regularization is ongoing, and many Thandas continue to face legal challenges and marginalization. The government of Karnataka needs to continue to prioritize the welfare of Thanda communities and provide them with the necessary resources and support to thrive.

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