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BIG NEWS: If BJP loses in the state, all projects from the center will be closed – JP Nadda

Vijayanagar May 8: The open election for the assembly elections will be held tomorrow evening. Today, star campaigners and candidates for various parties in the state are engaged in campaigning for votes. Meanwhile, BJP national president J.P. Nadda said that if the BJP party loses in the state, all the schemes coming from the center will be stopped.

BJP candidate G. Karunakar Reddy polled in Harpanahalli of Vijayanagar district today. While speaking in the meeting, he said that it is not ethical to talk about BJP when there were scandals like steel flyover, Arkavati denotification, Malaprabha Nala project during Siddaramaiah’s tenure.

The BJP government has given internal reservation to Parishts. We have increased the reservation for STs, Lingayats, Okkaligs. They are saying that they will cancel the increased reservation if the Congress comes to power. He appealed to them to vote for BJP if they need to be taught in this election.

Bengaluru: Union Minister and State BJP Election Management Committee Convenor Ku.Shobha Karandlaje demanded that the Congress, which is making false allegations against the BJP government, should apologize to the state and the country.

Addressing a press conference at the BJP state media center in Malleswara today, he said that the Election Commission has issued a notice to the Congress, which had made false allegations against the BJP government and advertised, to provide evidence to support the allegations. Congress has no morals to talk about corruption. He demanded an immediate apology from the Congress for making false allegations.

The rich and influential people of Congress will become the Chief Minister. But, common people also become chief ministers in BJP. Several BJP chief ministers are not rich. He said that he was not from a political background either.

Talking about corruption, Siddaramaiah has to answer some questions. Under the Siddaramaiah government, the Lokayukta was closed and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) was formed. He objected that in 50 cases registered in ACB, the government did not allow FIRs to be filed and the investigation did not take place.

Denotification of 875 acres of land was done in Arkavati Barangay Project. 35 thousand crores. The scam is that between 2013-18, 35 thousand crore rupees were spent in purchasing land in urban areas. The CAG report said that there was a scam. The Kempaya Aayog Committee had also said that there had been irregularities. However, the report was never released. 1 in Govt Schemes Rs. He said that the then Congress Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had accepted that only 85 paisa was reaching the people.

The Congress had written to the Chief Minister’s office that the state government was getting 40% commission. However, Congress has not given information about this. A PIL was filed in the High Court against corruption. However, the record was not given. He discussed corruption in the assembly. However, the record was not given. Complained to Lokayukta. However, the document was not given, he said.

Congress is another name for corruption. There was massive corruption in the Annabhagya scheme during the Congress tenure. Official Anurag Tiwari said in the report that there are irregularities in the project. However, he was murdered in his hometown in Uttar Pradesh. DK Ravi, MK Ganapathy was also not investigated. The Congress government had commissioned Matrix Imaging Solutions to set up laboratory and scanning facility centers in various government hospitals. He said that although many leading companies competed for this contract, he gave the contract to Matrix to benefit his son.

Union Minister Rajiv Chandrasekhar said that the Congress leaders are insulting the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister who are refusing to comment on the achievements of the Congress in 65 years and the achievements of the BJP in three and a half years. Congress, which is doing vote bank politics, is the most corrupt organization in the world. BJP’s politics is development. However, he said that the politics of the Congress is one of flattery, lies and misdirection.

Bengaluru South District President NR Ramesh said that the Congress is not providing documents to support corruption allegations. BJP has provided information along with documents related to 122 scams that took place in Siddaramaiah’s Congress government. Out of these various cases are under investigation and we have won in 28 cases, he said.

He said that these include government land grabbing, Indira canteen malpractices, garbage disposal irregularities, Bhadra upper bank project, Gandhinagar scams, AIDS control society irregularities, fake registration and land confiscation etc.
BJP State SC Morcha President and Legislative Council Member Chalavadi Narayanaswamy was present in the press conference.

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