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5 promises of Congress will be fulfilled in the first day of the first Cabinet itself :’Rahul Gandhi’

New Delhi May 13: The party leader Rahul Gandhi has made a statement about the big victory of the Congress in the Karnataka assembly election results. He said that he congratulates the people of Karnataka, activists, leaders and all the leaders who have worked in Karnataka.

Rahul continued talking about the victory and said, ‘There was power of the poor, the Congress party is with the poor in Karnataka. Karnataka said that this country loves love. In Karnataka, the market of hate is closed, the shops of love are open. We will fulfill 5 promises on the first day in the first Cabinet’, he said.

Accordingly, the Congress in its manifesto has given 5 promises to the people of Karnataka, Congress has said that free travel facility will be provided to all women in the State Road Transport Corporation. The new education policy will be canceled and the state education policy will be implemented.

The party said that the Kannada language and culture will be developed in 63 border taluks and the reservation limit will be increased from 50% to 75% in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of all communities.

Allowance for women and unemployed.
In its manifesto, the Congress had promised an allowance of Rs 2,000 per month to every woman in the family. Apart from this, unemployed graduates will be given Rs.3 thousand per month and unemployed diploma holders will be given Rs.1500 per month for two years.

Allowance for night duty police.
Apart from this, it was also announced that a special allowance of Rs 5000 per month will be given to police officers performing night duty. At the same time, within a year of coming to power, he also announced that he would abolish the anti-people laws and all the unjust laws implemented by the BJP.

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