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How to Calculate Essential Elements of Market Value

One of the foremost things to consider when you want to purchase a property is its accurate market value.The process of estimating or calculating the actual property market value, which is known as carrying out an appraisal, can either be done by hiring the service of a professional or understanding how to carry it out and doing it yourself.Whether you are purchasing the property for personal use or investment purposes, you will need to understand how to get the property’s accurate value.

In a market with a high number of properties for sale, competition among sellers can drive down prices, making it difficult to determine what a property is worth based on current market conditions. Additionally, there may be a wide range of properties available, with varying sizes, locations, and features, making it challenging to compare properties and determine the true value of a specific property.

How to Find Property Value Online

Start by researching information about sold properties on your local government websites for your target area. Many tax assessor’s offices and county courthouses offer searchable online databases that allow you to view the prices for properties within a specific area. They usually list full details about the properties, including square footage. Plus, subscriber websites such as Electronic Appraiser (www.electronicappraiser.com) give you detailed information, particularly in areas where online data is scarce.

Essential Elements of Market Value

This is how much of an item (good or service) is available at any given time. In this instance, the land is finite, meaning all the land is already existing. In fact, as a result of different factors, the land is limited.


Transferability/Purchasing Power
Can the item (good or service) be sold, or can the ownership rights to the item be transferred?


This is the measure of the satisfaction a customer can get from an item.Note that environmental conditions, government regulations, and socio-economic trends affect these value elements. You must consider them significantly when determining the market value of a property.

Factors that Affect Property Value
Threats of foreclosure and finding flaws in the property’s structural integrity are some factors that reduce the value of a property.
Other factors include:

Property size
Property improvements
Property’s condition
Property’s age
Property’s location
Market conditions

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