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World’s Wealthiest Cities List :See Banglore is in which Rank?

The list is dominated by the cities of the United States and China. Indian cities such as Mumbai, Theheli, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad can also be found on the list.

New York City topped (World’s websites 2023) New charts, New York City , Tokyo and Silicon Valley’s Bay Area.

Mumbai was 21st and Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkatta and Hyderabad also found a reference. London-based Consultancy Henley and Partners (Consultancy Henli and Partners ) The list collected, taking into account the number of millionaires living as of December 31, 2022, has graded cities.
China has its two cities — Beijing and Shanghai-town, while London is fourth. New York topped the city as the number of high net worth of individuals rose 40 percent in 2012-2022.

Singapore ranks ( high net worth of person ) fifth with 2,40,100 HNWIs while Sydney is 10th with 1,26,900 HNWIs. From India, Mumbai is part of the list with 59,400 HNWIs, followed by Delhi 16 billionaires, Bangalore with 8 billionaires, Hyderabad with 5 billionaires and Kolkata 7 billionaires.

In the case of billionaires, California’s Bay Area has won 63 Silicon Valley and areas around San Francisco. After that, New York, Beijing, Los Angeles and Shanghai have the highest billionaires.

The Chinese city of Hang Zhou has risen 105 percent in 10 years and Austin, Texas, US, is second with a 102 percent increase. Miami and West Palm Beach The number of high net worth of individuals has increased by (HNWI) 75 percent and 90 percent, respectively.

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