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Ring In Spring: 5 Inexpensive Decor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Winter-Ravaged Backyard

your backyard looks anything like mine right now—muddy, covered in debris, and altogether uninspiring—you’re probably looking for some quick and inexpensive ways to spruce things up after the long winter season.

The good thing about revamping your backyard is that it doesn’t have to cost big bucks. It can, however, be challenging to know where to start.
A thorough scroll through Instagram this week revealed a handful of beautiful backyard posts that inspired us to go hunting for some classic decor
items. From terra-cotta planters to chic striped umbrellas, the following outdoor furnishings will instantly elevate even the most bedraggled of yards.
Dust the cobwebs off your gardening tools, clean up your yard, and then add a few of the products inspired by the looks below.
1. Potted plant garden
Whether you have oodles of outdoor space or just a small terrace, container gardening always adds something to a patio space. These potted
beauties seen in a post from @mediterraneanhideaway offer the perfect example of that.
“Potted plant gardens are not only a great way to add color to your patio or deck, they’re also space-efficient, moveable, and can require less work
than in-ground gardens,” says Grace Baena, interior designer at Kaiyo. “They turn an empty corner into a focal point.”
2. Natural wood furniture
Another natural and easy-to-replicate spring look we love is this post from @charleygreyantiques. We’re especially drawn to the boho-style wooden
dining set.
“Natural wood furniture brings a cozy and inviting atmosphere to any backyard, making it an ideal solution for spring,” says designer Kevin Wang,
of Inyouths. “Budget-friendly and easy to match with other decor, natural wood also helps provide an organic and balanced look.”
3. White linens
We all love white linens, but something about the way they amplify this outdoor space from @lovely_interiors really makes us want to bring them out
into the garden, too.
“White linens are budget-friendly and can instantly transform your outdoor space after the long winter season,” says Wang. “They’re timeless and
can easily be layered to create texture, or used alone for a minimalistic and modern look.”
4. Striped umbrella
If you’re looking to add a fun pop of color to your spring garden, look no further than a set of these striped umbrellas featured in a post
by @insideout_interiordesign.
“Striped umbrellas and lounge chair cushions give an instant ‘I’m on vacation even if I’m in my backyard’ vibe,” says Baena. “Stripes can feel classic
or coastal, and will never go out of style.”
5. DIY swing set
Speaking of fun, it doesn’t get any better than this rustic swing set from @home_decor_magazine_.
“DIY swing sets bring a creative touch and cheerful atmosphere to any outdoor space,” says Wang. “They add an element of playfulness and can be
customized to fit any outdoor space, style, and budget. With a little bit of creativity and some DIY know-how, you can create the perfect outdoor

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